My Story

Ello Ello!
I'm Jess and I am an outgoing and humorous Scentsy lover!
I was introduced to Scentsy in the summer of 2009 - around the time I had my son - and I have been a wickless user since! The amount of choices they have is unbelieveable, sometimes I just can't make up my mind as to which scent or warmer is my favourite or want to use, so my home tends to have different scents welcoming you into each room. During my years as a Scentsy customer I hosted MANY parties and it's something I highly recommend to all - it is seriously the BEST way to start or build your collection, I mean what do you have to lose? FREE and discounted products, who could say 'No' to that!
In June 2017 I decided to take the next step by becoming part of the Scentsy family - and I couldn't imagine life if I hadn't. The amazing thing about being part of the Scentsy family is that it works on my time - as a mom to a busy boy, a wife and working in field where I never know when I'm needed, being able to do something I love and enjoy when I choose works amazingly for my family and I never miss out. I have met some fabulous people and have been able to share my love of the products to others and help them become lovers of them too!
I am a huge believer in Scentsy products and think everyone should have a little Scentsy in their lives and I am here to help make the world smell a little more SCENTsational...

Some facts about me and the Scentsy:
1. My very first warmer was Jade and the first scent I used in it was Blueberry Cheesecake.
2. When I purchase Bars and Room Sprays they MUST be of the same scent.
3. The warmer I use on a DAILY basis is my Make a Scene warmer.
4. I use Washer Whiffs on 90% of my laundry loads.
5. My FAVOURITE scent of all time is Vanilla Suede