My Story

Ello Ello!
I have been a wickless user since the Summer of 2009 - around the time I had my son! I have hosted MANY parties and highly recommend to all that it is the best way to start or build your collection, I mean what do you have to lose? FREE and discounted products, who could say 'No' to that! In June 2017 I decided to take the next step by becoming part of the Scentsy family..
I am a huge believer in Scentsy products and think everyone should have a little Scentsy in their lives and I am here to help make the world smell a little more SCENTsational...

Fun Facts about me and Scentsy:
1. My very first warmer was called Jade and the first scent I used in it was Blueberry Cheesecake.
2. When I purchase Bars and Room Sprays they MUST be of the same scent.
3. Right now I have 4 different warmers that I use on a daily basis.
4. I use Washer Whiffs on 90% of my laundry loads.
5. The only Car Bar I like to use is My Dear Watson.
6. My FAVOURITE scent of all time is Vanilla Suede.